Although MyDXP hasn’t been around for a long time, we pack a tremendous punch!


Business Owners Tony & Dania Rodriguez have been in the game for over 3 decades.


From customer service etiquette to years of extensive graphic design, visual approach, brand marketing and web development. We cover every aspect you, the client needs.  Which in part makes our overhead low spreading the savings on to the client.  We cater to all ranges of business as we have an extensive portfolio to prove it. Our websites are hand tailored to the needs and wishes the client desires. Which is why all of our sites are hand coded for optimum results.


We work in 3 phases to get you going, after a brief conversation we will get started on a phase 1 or design phase where you will have the capability to pick and choose virtually anything on what you receive. This back and forth process helps your design and yourself come up with the perfect combination of elements you wouldn’t have thought possible.  Next comes the development stage where you can see your site mocked up in its prep for finalization. More back and forth fine tuning is done here which leads to the 3rd and final phase. Here we get you going, you site is optimized with SEO with your keywords, backend access is given (if chosen a CMS) and additional features such as Stats, Polls and Forms.  Your end result is a complete, custom, and gorgeous fully functional website that is out in the web!

We have perfected our craft and simply cannot wait to cater to you.